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 Mirjam van Tilborg PhD, MSc, BOptom, FAAO , B.Education
  • PhD, Cardiff University (UK)
  • MSc diploma visual science  City university london 2009
  • Certificate Peadriatics , city university London
  • Certificate Glaucoma, City univerisyt London 
  • Certificate anterior segment, City university London 
  • Certificate Diabetic Retinopathy  City university London
  • Certificate advantaged English course Hogeschool Utrecht April 2007; 
  • Certificate ocular therapeutics part III January 2007 , city university London, UK;
  • Certificate refractive surgery March 2006, city university London UK;
  • Certificate ocular therapeutics part II May 2004 , city university London, UK;
  • Certificate ocular therapeutics part I March 2004,City university London, Uk;
  • Certificate pre-post operative care, refractive surgery, may 2003 Eyescan Utrecht the Netherlands;
  • Fellowship AAO, December 2001;
  • Diploma Advantage ocular diseases and therapeutics, May 2001, university of Waterloo, Canada;
  • Bachelor degree in Education  2001;
  • Bachelor degree Optometry , May 1996, Hogeschool Utrecht The Netherlands;
  • Diploma in Optics, School of Optics, Zadkine college 1992, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Enjoys transfer of clinical skills, knowledge and experience;
  • Management experience;
  • Practices full scope primary eye care optometry with latest ophthalmic equipment;
  • Practices in fully equipped two-exam room optometry office.  Full eye exam included;
  • Excellent clinical record in contact lens fitting including, keratonics, bi-torics, torics, and multi-focals;
  • Diagnosis and management of anterior eye diseases, e.g., corneal ulcers and ocular surface diseases and posterior eye diseases, e.g., glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy. 

Professional and Clinical experience
1990-1996 Groeneveld brillen en Contactlenzen
1995 Boston New college of Optometry , Boston Massachusetts USA · Boston Optometric Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, - Boston Veterans Administration, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Three-month multi disciplinary externship in pediatric optometry, binocular vision evaluation and treatment, and primary care.
1996-1998 Ophthalmology practice, MCM Soest.
1997-2001 Hogeschool Utrecht, responsible for contactlens education and development contact lens education.
1998 Employed by Colpa Optics Boskoop.
2000 Mirjam van Tilborg Advice and Education Agency started.
2001-2009 Hogeschool Utrecht responsible for the clinical optometry department.
2009-2011 Hogeschool Utrecht responsible for transfer to compentecy based curr.


CNN (contactlens nederland)

2000 MGD, update - ANVO conference 
2000, March Amsterdam 
2001 Aging eye Varilux university Paris, France 
2002 Binocular vision and vision in the aged Varilux University, Paris, France.
2003 Belgium, Continued Education for optometrists 
2003 The Red Eye without contact lenses– CE course – Hogeschool van Utrecht – November 10 2003, Utrecht.
2004 Madrid, Lecture (diagnostic) drugs and the Netherlands.
2004 Pearl, continue education, case history and fitting contact lenses, Utrecht 2004 Continued education NCOP, Pharmacology and the eye, Nieuwegein 
2004 Do not always blame the contact lens for the red eye (joint presentation with Eef van der Worp) – VDC/OVN/AAO-European chapter, October 3 2004 – Oberhausen, Germany
2004 Systemic diseases and the eye VDC/OVN/AAO-European chapter, October 3 2004 – Oberhausen, Germany
2005 Do not always blame the contact lens for the red eye (w Eef van der Worp) – APOOB meeting, March 14 2005 - Antwerp Belgium
2006 difficult fittings, interactive session APOOB meeting, March 14 2005 - Antwerp Belgium
2005 Continued education NCOP, interactive quiz tear film, Diemen the netherlands
2005 lecture: European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO);Future of optometry education in Europe, Poland
2006 Essilor Varilux university, fitting new generation multi focals, Amsterdam the Netherlands. 
2005-2006 Continued education AMO, on different locations a day course (6 hours), Tear film and solutions and interaction with the contact lens.
2005-2006 Continued education AMO, on different locations a day course (6 hours),Pharmacology and the interaction on the eye
2007 CE OVN interactive examination by internet.
2010 NCC workshops and lectures 
2010  CE Dry lecturing by OVN, 
2010 lecturing at City university at contaclens module Master degree 
2011: CE for visioncare institute 
from 2011-2017 more than 25 lectures done( complete list on request)
Lecturer and program organization
  • Employed by the OVN: National board for optometrists: last 14 years several lectures, CE and advice and training.
  • The aging eye 
  • Red eye without contact lenses
  • Systemic disease and the eye
  • Retina
  • Normal eye and the fundus
  • High myopia
Luiten CE: case based lectures, anterior segment and posterior segment: 3 years of experience
Summer course Family Physician, 2002-2003-2004
Anterior segment
Articles and book chapters
Visus: case report from SPK to ulcer
Visus: case report IOP and steroid responder
Visus: MGD update
Two book chapters, handbook for optometric intervention, the Netherlands
Dry eye module 2010
TV interview: Contact lens solutions and interaction contact lense and the eye Radar January 2005.

LANGUAGES Dutch, English,